Carbs Film was founded 2018 and is the filmmaking part of Carbs Collective AB. With a prime focus on making short films with a strong voice, Carbs Film has produced and co-produced films that has been screened at festivals like Göteborg Film Festival, been nominated for the New Doc-award at Tempo Documentary Festival and won Best Film at Pixel Skånes Film Festival.

We want to make great films and we also want to be great at making them. Equality and sustainability is important to us, not only in what you see on the screen but also in how we work. We firmly believe that when a broad spectrum of people with different experiences and backgrounds come together and collaborate it will inspire and strengthen all involved, and in the end also the stories we tell.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to collaborate. We are also open for inquiries regarding commercial work such as music videos, promos etc. Contact us here.

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